Shot Breakdown

 Crowd Ghost Trails

The green crowd ghost trails are a maya particle system that was customized with a slightly different look and length per agent ID.

Proton Streams / Slimer Trails / Blue Ghost Trails / Crowd Ghost Trails

Proton streams were created with Houdini, slimer trails with FlowLine, blue ghost trails and green ghost trails with Maya particles and fluids.

Pyro Simulation

One of my student projects, this pyro sim was done in Houdini.  I matched my reference material and created RGB lighting AOV’s and for full lighting control in comp.

Crowd Ghost Trails

Like the previous crowd ghost trails shot, this one was created in maya.  Being a slow motion shot, this shot had unique challenges which required it to be rebuilt.

Crowd Simulation

Another student project of mine, this is a Houdini crowd simulation.  I used particle fuzzy logic, velocity based wire deformation, and CHOPs post processing.

Crowd Ghost Trails

Similar to the others, these ghost trails were a Maya particle system.

Digital Destruction RBD Sim

A Houdini RBD sim I created while attending Lost Boys.  I used an advanced animated bullet constraint system for an art directable look.  The building was built up using a procedural brick system.

Procedural Geometry

The barnacles are a fully procedural system created with Houdini.  The system consists of procedural point distribution, camera culling, noise based modelling, and distance based LOD.

Procedural Material

The candies use a procedural Mantra shader.  The round bumps were generate and then baked as a displacement map, the colour was randomly assigned, and the fine detail bump was generated from noise patterns on the rest position.  The RBD sim was post processed with CHOPs to eliminate jitter.