Yosembiance Theme

A modified Ambiance smoothed and slightly flattened.  My goal for this theme is to create something less tacky than the default Ubuntu Ambiance but still feel like Ubuntu.

Installation for Ubuntu:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:bsundman/themes
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install yosembiance-theme

Download Zip: https://github.com/bsundman/Yosembiance/archive/master.zip
View on github: https://github.com/bsundman/Yosembiance

Review and Installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsiLM1ewUNY


  • Diego

    Awesome work! Looks perfect in my Cinnamon desktop. Thank you! 🙂

  • Saurav Sengupta

    You have crafted an exquisite theme. This should be provided in Ubuntu as the default theme – it is everything that the default theme should be. Please keep up the great work! 🙂

  • davidgxxl

    Hi Brian,

    I’m very impressed about your work in this theme… congrats!…

    I’ll wish bring to you just one change that i had made over this theme, it’s about gnome-panel.css…

    I had change lines 42 and 43 in this file how you can see at next:

    from (shade (@dark_bg_color, 1.15)),
    to (shade (@dark_bg_color, 1.00)));

    This little change make the panel look more consistent with this theme… in my opinion… 😉

    Thanks bro…

  • davidgxxl

    BTW, this change apply too in Irrandiance Theme.. 😉

    • Thanks for the info, I’ll try it out and add the changes

    • That’s actually how it should have been for the first release, thanks 🙂

      • David Guerra

        you’re welcome… if you want to know about how make all menus seen dark in Yosembiance theme… please let me know… 😉

        • I’d be happy to see any changes you have made. Do you use github? It would be easy to create a branch and merge the changes as you make them.

          • David Guerra

            i have a long experiencie in collaborative development using git, but i haven’t a github account yet… i can create one right now hehehe…

  • Very nice! Using it as we speak.

  • anfrantic

    Must be default in unity! =)

  • Nikolay Steblin-Kamenskiy

    Thank you for the theme! It looks better than any other theme I’ve tried!

  • Very good work. Congratulations and thank you very much.

  • Boris

    I love this!

  • Great work. I too am a fan of the original Ambience design, but also like Google’s flat design. So this is the best of both worlds in some way.

  • Bishopst

    Thank you this is by far my favorite theme. Should definitely be the default in unity. One observation, you may want to darken slightly (not to total black of course) the default font color, especially that document background is slightly greyer now. when I do this in libreoffice, readability is much nicer.

    • Thanks for the input :). This may not be changed for a while, I have had little time to put into this theme lately. I will definitely keep this in mind when I do find the time to update it.

  • greg

    thanks that’s beautiful !!

  • Isaac Francis Curvelo Marques

    why I couldn’t get the Yosemite’s windows controls?

  • Newt L

    Will there be an update for 15.10? It doesn’t work well with the new overlay scrollbars, but I love this theme.

    • It looks like I may have to entirely rewrite the theme to work with 15.10. I had installed wily to take a look but they released it with broken fglrx drivers. I will attempt it again mid December when I will have free time, then hopefully the driver issue will be fixed and I will have a working 15.10 installation.

      • Newt L

        No hurry, I still use 14.04, I had just noticed it when I tested 15.10.

  • Yosef7 Kings

    Thanks! 🙂

  • beautiful 🙂

  • Hrvoje

    Placed it in .themes folder but I don’t have it in tweak tool as an option? ubuntu 15.10 x64

    • When you extract the zip file go into the Yosembiance folder. You should see debian, README, Yosembiance, Yosembiance-Blue etc. It is that Yosembiance and/or Yosembiance-Blue folder that you need to copy into your .themes folder. This should work but let me know if you have any more troubles.

      • Hrvoje

        Yes, that’s it. Thanks!

  • Joakim Koed


    Thank you so much for the atomic (I love the DARK + orange combination and still Ambiance.. It’s really the best theme I have ever testet!) version for 14.04. Are you going to be making that for 16.04 ? You will just save the next 2 years for me !! 🙂
    Feel free to ask for a small donation if you need money for development for 16.04.

    • Hi, I think I have ironed out most the bugs in 16.04 for the Yosembiance 2.0 release. For the next update I think I will try to get some more color schemes in there including Atomic. As for donations, I might consider putting a donate button on the page 🙂

      • Joakim Koed

        Awesome, looking forward to hopefully a 16.04 release with atomic 🙂

  • Jay

    Really cool theme ..!! Extremely good job. Have really paid attention to detail… Extremely happy using the theme..
    Ubuntu Unity + Yosembiance = Best OS Ever…!
    ( Kudos.. and Keep up the Good Work!! )

    And of-course Thank You for the effort..

  • Bishopstix

    Quick! update for ubuntu 16.04 ! 🙂
    There are some glitches here and there.